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Technip / Bechtel JV
12 * Double Box Girder EX EOT Cranes & Hoists

Technical Data

Crane Maintenance Table

Typical Example of Crane Maintenance Table

  Safety Equipment D E F X Y
1 Brake, Measure displacement, Adjust if necessary        
  Mechanical Components D E F X Y
2 Drive Parts (Grease gearing) – Drive pinion / Rack   x3
3 Wheel Bearings - Change grease      
4 Travel Drives (Gearbox / Travel Drive / Shaft)    
5 Oil Change Travel Gearbox     x1
  Electrical Components D E F X Y
6 Retighten clamping points for electric cables – cross crane and downshop        
7 Connection of panel box, if necessary remove condensation, clean and grease        
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