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Ruwais Sulphur Expansion Project
EX Electric Hoists

Technical Data

Hoist Maintenance table

Typical Example of Hoist Maintenance Table

  Safety Equipment D E F X Y
1 Brake, Measure displacement, Adjust if necessary        
2 Overload cut-off        
  Mechanical Components D E F X Y
3 Grease Rope     x3
4 Grease Rope Guide and Stop     x3
5 Drive Parts (Grease Gearing)     x3
6 Drive Parts (Grease Gearing)   x3
7 Motor Bearings (Fan Side), Change grease     x2
8 Motor Bearings, Change grease     x2
9 Splined Shaft Profile (Gearbox Rope Drum), Change gear     x2
10 Oil Change Hoist Gearbox   x1
11 Oil Change Travel Drives   x1
  Electrical Components D E F X Y
12 Retighten clamping points for electric cables        
13 Connection of flameproof panel box, if necessary remove condensation, clean and grease Ex gap        
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