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Technical Data

Operating Instructions

Typical example of overhead travelling crane operating instructions.

Check list prior to start-up

Visually inspect for obvious signs of defects such as mechanical damage to components, paint flaking, cable damage or oil leaks/spills on the following items:-

Start-up, shut-down abnormal operating condition and special maintenance instruction


Unlock and switch in the mains isolator switch, located approx.1.5m above floor.
Re-set Emergency Stop Button on control pendant - twist to re-set.

Check list after start-up but prior to commencing normal operations

Before starting normal operations the following checks should be performed:-

With No Load

With Load

Shut Down - Normal Condition

Shut Down - Abnormal Condition

Operating Safety

During operation of the hoist it is essential that the following specific rules be strictly adhered to:

During operation of the hoist it is essential that the following general rules are strictly adhered to:

Please also take the following recommendations for Crane Safety into consideration:-

Duties of Crane Operator

When working with electric wire rope hoists and cranes, the accident prevention regulations on Cranes must be observed. Listed below are the most important points, which must be observed to ensure safety at work.

Do not carry out any alterations or modification without manufacturer`s permission

Operational interruption, malfunctions and irregularities

Hoist does not start (no motion available)

If power is connected and switched on correctly, then the following checks should be carried out by properly qualified personnel (please refer to Maintenance Instruction and take all necessary safety precautions before beginning work).

Hoist does not start (power available)

Hoist does not start after a long period of not being used (motor emits humming noise).

Loud click when switching on

Hoist starts but will not lift load

Braking path too long (hoist and travel motors)

Limit Switches