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Crane Design

J.Barnsley cranes are designed at our on-site crane design offices

We have a specialist crane Design and Engineering department utilising the latest CAD equipment. Our qualified and professional engineers have vast experience of crane design and innovation in order to get the right crane solution to meet our customers needs.

Our quality management system is approved by Lloyds Register in accordance with ISO 9001:2000. This is evidenced by our ISO 9001 certificate available to view in our resources section. The quality managment system is applicable to: Design and Manufacture of Cranes and Material Handling Equipment.

All cranes, hoists and lifting equipment designed by J.Barnsley Cranes is done so in accordance with strict guidelines. National standards and other standards where applicable are regularly monitored and kept up-to-date for reference as required. Our crane documentation department has great experience in the preparation of crane documents, in particular special requirements for crane documents to meet country approvals such as TU CR requirements for Russia and Kazakhstan, CSA requirements for Canada as well as ENACT/DPP requirements for cranes being exported to Algeria.

Before any drawing work is done a full design review is carried out by a dedicated design engineer where all the order details, specifications including any special requirements can be noted. 

This would then lead to various design calculations, correct material selection and where possible the use of J.Barnsley Cranes standard crane components from the vast range available. All of this is performed prior to the production of the General arrangement drawing.

General Arrangement Drawing (GA)

The General arrangement drawing is produced using CAD format which can then be simply transmitted to the client electronically as a pdf document for their approval prior to manufacture. This drawing will show all the relevant sizes, clearances, weights, performance ,other technical data and client decal as required. Once the GA drawing is approved; then the detail drawings including a complete works instruction can be produced by the design engineer and issued to the works for the purchase of materials and fabrication. At every step of the design process the details are checked and counter signed by a different design engineer.


Types of crane design packages

The scope of delivery can be divided into three levels:

  • Complete package – This includes turnkey delivery and a maintenance contract

  • Turnkey – This covers full design and delivery responsibility

  • Technology – This covers design, components, supervision and commissioning. In these cases, manufacturing of the crane structures can be done by our customer.