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Jib Cranes

J.Barnsley jib cranes are explosion protected for use in Zone 1 or Zone 2 hazardous areas worldwide. Standard features include motors and electrical systems in ignition protection mode, “flameproof” enclosures: Ex de IIB/IIC T4 & Ex ndeA IIB/C T3, hooks and “ferrous to ferrous” items in non-sparking materials. Operation can be by push travel, hand geared, pneumatic and electric (pushbutton or radio control)

Our Jib cranes help to increase effectivness of labour, e.g. in preventing waiting time for EOT cranes, which coupled with their competitive price pays for the initial cost very quickly

Jib cranes can be handled easily by one man and have been thoroughly proven in factories, steel mills, nuclear and power stations. Also in use in the offshore oil and gas industry, aboard ships, refineries and petrochemical plants.


11 2 G & 3 G according to 94/9/EC (ATEX 100a & 95)


Jib cranes are designed and manufactured in accordance with the following standards

  • BS: 7333./ BS: 2573 1983, Part 1 and 1980 Part 2
  • Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations, 1992 (S.I. 1992/3073)


Explosion Protected Explosion-proof crane safety features at a glance

  • Protection Against Overloading
  • Temperature Control of Motors
  • 5:1 Hoist Rope Safety Factor
  • Galvanized Hoist Rope
  • Motor Insulation Class-F
  • Totally encapsulated self-adjusting, twin, disc brake on hoist 
  • Asbestos-free Brake Linnings
  • Hoist Gearbox designed according to FEM Group 2m.
  • Hoist Gearbox with Lifetime Lubrication
  • Braked Travel Motors
  • Overhoist & Overlower Limit Switches
  • Travel Limit Switches (Fast-to-slow & stop)
  • Buffers fitted to Hoist Trolley & Crane Bridge
  • Two Hoisting Speed | Ratio 6:1
  • Two Travelling Speeds | Ratio 4:1
  • Lockable Mains Isolator (1500mm above grade) at end of runway
  • Anti-Derailment Device on Crane & Crab Unit, Non-Sparking Type
  • Crane and Crab Wheels in AB2 Bronze Anti-Sparking Material
  • Hook in Bronze Anti-Sparking Material

Explosion Protected Zone 1 and Zone 2 Approved


Standard Jib Crane Types
Capacity (Te)
Radius to (m)

Wall Mounted (Over-Braced)

0.08 < 12


Wall Mounted (Under-Braced)

0.15 < 10


Floor Mounted (Over-Braced)

0.08 < 2


Floor Mounted (Under-Braced)

0.15 < 10t


Floor Mounted (Without Brace)

0.15 < 10



The jib would comprise a horizontal steel section with robust fabricated bracing`s. The jib crane post is fabricated from a, hot rolled, tubular steel section, having accurately aligned pivot plates, machined, to accept the radial slewing and thrust bearings. These sealed for life bearings carry the jib arm and provide smooth slewing characteristics to allow the operator controlled load movement with a minimum of effort. The jib crane post is provided with a gusseted base plate, drilled to accept the foundation bolts.

The complete jib crane would be painted in accordance with our standard, QP15 anti-corrosive system.

An electrical isolator switch would be provided on the crane post, 1500mm above floor level, to accept your incoming power supply. All wiring from this isolator to the hoist unit via the crane post and jib arm would be included in our scope of supply.