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Spark Resistant Manual Hoists

J Barnsley Spark Resistant Manual Hoists & trolleys are suitable for use in Zone 1 or Zone 2 hazardous areas worldwide. Our extensive range of spark resistant manual hoists come in various configurations and capacities. The modular hoist design forms a very efficient, compact &ammp; visually aesthetic hoist unit.


Hoist safety features at a glance

  • Protection against overloading
  • 5:1 Hoist Chain Safety Factor
  • Load Chain | Material-Grade ‘T’ High Tensile Steel
    • According to DIN EN 818-7. (ASTM A391/A391M-07)
  • Brass Hand Chains
  • Asbestos-Free Brake Linnings
  • Buffers Fitted to Trolley
  • Hook in Bronze Anti-Sparking Material
  • Stainless Steel Slack Chain Collector


Standard Types
Capacity (Te)

Trolley (Push travel)

0.5 < 10

Trolley (Geared travel)

0.5 < 20

Hook Suspension

0.5 < 20

Monorail Hoist (Push travel)

0.5 < 10

Monorail Hoist (Geared travel)

0.5 < 20

Ultra Low Headroom Monorail Hoist (Geared travel)

0.5 < 20


The proprietary series built, manually operated chain hoist unit would be selected from our extensive range of units which have a world wide reputation for reliability, modern design, safety and the very latest manufacturing techniques.

The modular design forms a very efficient, compact & visually aesthetic unit.

  • Spark Resistant Materials
    • Brass Hand Chains
    • Bronze Trolley Wheels
    • Bronze load chain sprocket
    • Bronze Idler chain Rollers
    • Bronze Brake Ratchet Wheel
    • Bronze Brake Hub.(8 Start Threaded Nut)
    • Bronze Coated Hook and Safety Catch
  • Anti Corrosion Protection
    • Brass Hand Chains
    • Load Chain Galvanised
    • Galvanised Block Side Plates and Stay Bars
    • Galvanised Block Hand Chain wheels
    • Galvanised Hand Chain Guide
    • Galvanised Trolley Side Plates,Stay Bars. Washers & Nuts
    • Zinc Plated Fasteners

The bottom hook block is of the safety type, having fully guarded deep grooved sheaves, running in sealed ball bearings. The hook is a forged steel single point “C” Type, mounted on a ball thrust race and fitted with a spring return safety catch.

Prior to packing & protected for transportation, the crane would be assembled in our workshops & fully inspected & tested, according to our standard testing procedure, which would include full dimensional and functional tests of all hoist operations.